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Do you want to invest in Tulum, but don't know where?

We know that investing is a long process with many points to consider in order to decide on a certain place, this is where we come in to help you decide on the best place to invest in the Mexican Caribbean: Tulum.

Here are the best places to invest

1-La Veleta and REGION 15.

La Veleta has mostly residential developments, except for certain premium developments, which is what gives this location its fame.

Located next to Federal Highway 307, access to this residential area is easy and uncomplicated. This, together with its proximity to downtown Tulum, has made it an area of interest for foreign investors.

Karanda is located in region 15, unique apartments with luxury amenities that make the place special, with paddle tennis court, swimming pools, hotel service and much more. If you want to invest in a paradise in Tulum, the ideal is Karanda Tulum, luxury apartments.


If the night lights and noise is not a bother for you, downtown Tulum can be an interesting option. Undoubtedly more popular, downtown Tulum is a rich and interesting area to invest in with a younger market in mind because of the large number of bars, restaurants and night-clubs that crisscross the city.

3-Aldea Zamá

The first fully urbanized area of Tulum, with a privileged location southeast of downtown, the area of Aldea Zama is positioned as the best in terms of distance.

There is also region 10 which is a unique space, full of nature and remarkable developments within all the others.Looking for a luxurious and exclusive property? Region 15 is the best option for you, it is the next premium zone in Tulum and you should invest in it today. A place where you will find Karanda Tulum which has unique amenities that no other development has.

And you, are you ready to invest in Tulum? What are you waiting for? Come and invest in the paradise that is Tulum and live in a unique space.

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