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Tulum is a magical place not only for tourists but also in its history and architecture, having years of history in its ruins and beaches, know a little more about Tulum.


The city was called Zama, which alludes to the Mayan word for "tomorrow" or "dawn" and it is logical since it is located on a cliff from which there are privileged views to see precisely the birth of a new day "dawn" and it is logical since it is located on a cliff from which there are privileged views to see precisely the birth of a new day.

What does Tulum mean?

It means "wall" "palisade" referring to the wall that surrounds it and that seems to be the name given to it when the city began to be abandoned and to be covered by the implacable jungle that surrounds it.

Importance of Tulum

It was an important religious and commercial center between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries, with a spectacular location near the sea, and is one of the most evocative ancient sites in Mexico. It was an important center of trade in barter goods typical of the period such as cotton, foodstuffs, copper bells, axes and cocoa beans.


The residential buildings were constructed outside the sacred walled area which was reserved for the rulers of Tulum. The halls of the Castillo and also of Structure 25 are also notable for their well-preserved examples of beam and mortar roofs.

The Temple of the Frescoes is a square building that has undergone several modifications over the centuries. The stucco faces on the exterior suggest that the building was dedicated to the god Itzamnaaj..

The Temple of the Winds was built in honor of the wind god and helped guide navigators across the reef, a palace-like building in a precarious state of preservation, several platforms and the Temple of the Descending God.


Tulum's strategic location has made it one of the most important cities in the world.

of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, especially after the fall of the city of Mayapán, its closest enemy. Its location in an elevated area and its efficient defensive system made it an essential stopover for the trade routes established with other Mayan cities and central Mexico, which was reinforced by the great exploitation of its maritime resources.

Tulum today

Today Tulum is one of the most visited paradise worldwide by tourists, having natural and investment riches, being a great opportunity to visit and also to invest.

Come to Tulum and visit its natural, gastronomic and archaeological riches, and most importantly, learn about its history for yourself.


But for what?

To invest in Tulum, to have your space in a magical place and enjoy the nature around you and Karanda offers you that.

In region 15 the new premium zone of Tulum, with unique places and developments that have never been seen before. Ask for your apartment in Karanda Tulum and live in your own natural space...

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